Coin Master Rare Gold Cards List

Coin Master Rare Gold Cards List


Want gold cards, looking for tricks to complete card sets and only need gold cards, can’t get gold cards from your coin master friends? I will help you get the rare golden cards, but don’t forget to stop by and pick up the coin master free spins we put together for you.

In this post, you will get information about Coin Master rare cards. This information includes: overview of rare cards, lists of different types of rare cards with card sets, guide to finding and getting rare cards.

In short, you will get a complete idea about rare cards. Therefore, you can easily collect it and use it in the game to get amazing rewards. Let’s start with the complete guide of rare cards in Coin Master.

What are rare cards in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, two types of cards are needed to complete the card sets:

  • Normal cards: each coin master player can send and receive these cards at any time.
  • Golden cards: These cards that can be sent in special events are called golden cards.

To complete the card game, you have to collect both cards. The CoinMaster rewards spins, pet food, xps and coins for collecting all cards in certain sets.

In the Coin Master game, certain cards are classified as “rare cards” depending on their star rating and availability. Completing card sets in the game rewards players with various prizes. The big reward card sets often include cards with more stars, making them harder to obtain and thus considered rare. The stars shown with the cards indicate the rarity of the cards.

However, obtaining rare cards requires either luck or extra effort. Game users eagerly strive to acquire more rare cards since using these cards enables them to complete card sets and unlock fantastic rewards.

How to get gold rare cards in Coin Master?

List of golden rare cards

Below are distinct lists categorizing Coin Master cards according to their rarity. Here, you’ll find five different rare card lists based on the cards’ rarity levels. From the lists, you will also get information about the collection name of the card.

In the following list, you will get the name of the rare card and the name of the town in parentheses. For example: Name of the card (Name of the card set).

List of rare gold cards below:

Very Seldom Rare Cards

  1. Diablo (Halloween)
  2. Cleopatra (Egypt)
  3. Kettle (Mongolia)
  4. Toto (OZ)
  5. Caring Cathy (Mongolia)
  6. Magic Tree (Plants)
  7. Olympias (Mythical)
  8. Builder Beaver (Canada)
  9. Sneaky Jaguar (Tribe)
  10. Martian Wine (Sand Land)
  11. El Tiger (Beasts)
  12. Mastership (?)
  13. Holy Monk (Legends)
  14. Pink Eddy (Africa)
  15. African Warrior (Heroes)

Slightly Rare Cards

  1. Santa’s Helper (Christmas)
  2. Santa’s Sled (Christmas)
  3. Flamur the Flutist (Swiss)
  4. Evidence (Sherlock)
  5. Medusa (Mythical)
  6. Gnome House (Gnomes)
  7. Scarecrow (OZ)
  8. Fondue (Swiss)
  9. Cheerful Chad (Gnomes)
  10. Jelly Fish (?)
  11. Merry Matilda (Beanstalks)
  12. Mighty Wizard (Legends)
  13. Mythical Dome (Mythical)
  14. Frida (Mexico)
  15. Genie (Heroes)
  16. Silverback (?)
  17. Little Lenya (Goblins)
  18. Flamingo (Alice)
  19. Phantom (Venice)
  20. Holy Monk (Legends)

Moderately Rare Cards

  1. Excalibur (Ice Queen)
  2. Tall Tim (Dinos)
  3. Portly Pete (Toys)
  4. Fighting Fred (?)
  5. Gentle Delphi (Dinos)
  6. Cleopatra (Egypt)
  7. Kingsfoil (Forest)
  8. Fighting Monk (Robin Hood)
  9. Nessie (Scotland)

Super Rare Cards

  1. Smoking Pipe (Sherlock)
  2. Satyr (Mythical)
  3. Hotrod (?)
  4. Santa (Christmas)
  5. Punky (Pet Salon)
  6. Aztec Princess (Tribe)
  7. Mythical Tune (Beanstalks)
  8. Elder Elk (Forest)
  9. Kettle (Mongolia)
  10. Creaky Crow (Baba Yaga)
  11. Andromeda (Space)
  12. Hobby Horse (Toys)

Ultra Rare Cards

  1. Blizz (?)
  2. Cosmic Carl (Space Travel)
  3. Armstrong (Circus)
  4. Top Knut (Warriors)
  5. The Beast (Haunted House)
  6. Farmer Feng (China)
  7. Jolly Jasper (Haunted House)
  8. Crusader (Space Travel)
  9. Torero (Spain)
  10. Barrel Tank (Goblins)
  11. Martian Lettuce (Sand Land)

How to get gold cards in Coin Master?

Rare cards in the Coin Master game offer the opportunity to win fantastic free spins and other exciting rewards. If you find yourself nearing the completion of your card collection and are in search of those elusive rare cards, then this section is tailored just for you.

Is it possible to trade gold cards in Coin Master?

There are several avenues to discover and obtain those elusive rare cards to complete your card collection.

One method is by collecting cards through chests: these chests hold the potential to grant you new rare cards. You can come across these chests during raids or by unlocking a new village. You can also buy chests (for a fee) in the in-game store.

Acquire rare cards through card trading: If a player possesses two or more of the same cards, the game permits them to send these duplicates as gifts to other users. Utilizing this trading approach, you can obtain the elusive rare cards needed for your collection.

Is it possible to obtain rare cards from Facebook card trading groups? Yes, it is possible. However, there is a chance that the other user, whose identity might be unknown to you, may not send a card in return after receiving one from you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coin Master rare cards

Can you send gold cards to your friends in Coin Master?

No, you cannot send gold cards to your friends in Coin Master, but you can exchange gold cards with your friends in gold card exchange event.

Why can’t I send gold cards in Coin Master?

Gold cards can be sent and received in gold card exchange events. Gold card trading is limited to two single gold cards mentioned in the events. The total card trading limit is up to 5 cards, including gold cards.

Can I trade gold cards in Coin Master?

Yes, you can trade gold cards on Coin Master in its official Facebook group.

When can I trade gold cards on Coin Master?

Gold cards are rarer than normal cards. Coin Master allows you to trade gold cards at special card trading events. Likewise, Coin Master shares the gold card trading link as well.

What is a gold card trading event in Coin Master?

The special event in which a Coin Master player can send and collect gold cards is called gold card trading. Please let me know in the comments section if you want to know more about Coin Master gold cards and the gold card list.